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Beamible FAQs
Beamible FAQs

Still need help? Here are some frequently asked questions about Beamible.

How do I log in to my Beamible account?
Who can invite new members to an account?
Inviting team members
What is the difference between 'adding' a person and 'inviting' them?
Can I add someone into my Organisation without inviting them?
What does it mean if someone is 'unregistered'?
How do I update my password?
How do I reset my password?
How can I import my organisation’s data into Beamible?
Someone has left the organisation - how do I delete them from the platform?
Managing and deleting team members
How can People & Culture or HR teams use Beamible?
How can I invite unregistered Beamible users?
How do I go about communicating with my team to set us up for success?
What is an 'activity'?
How often should I be using Beamible?
How important is accuracy with the hours and activities for my individual role?
Should I just enter the maximum hours I do?
What’s the best way for us to use a common language for the types of activities we do as a team?
How can Beamible help me design roles with more flexibility?
How do I use Beamible for scenario planning?
Where does the individual role information come from?
Is Beamible a time management tool?
What is the best way to use Beamible for small teams (i.e. 1 direct report)?
How can I use Beamible to make my work more sustainable?
What if the workload for the whole team has spiked?
How do I create a private Team Design?
What’s is viewable and what’s private in Beamible?
How do I share a private draft Team Design?
How is ‘share’ different to ‘invite’?
How do I add tags to my work activities?
How do I view all of my 'tags' for my role/s?