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How often should I be using Beamible?
How often should I be using Beamible?

How often should I be using Beamible?

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

It depends what you’re using it for! This is a tool for you - so do what makes sense for you!

The process is front ended so that once you have entered in your activities and associated tags it will be quick to update.

  • For People & Culture role design needs, it will be used ad-hoc, when needed.

    • Key trigger points where it makes sense to use the system, could include:

      "People changes - people taking leave, resigns, promotions"

      There is a "need to hire someone"

      "People in my team are drowning"

      "New project, client or initiative"

      "Someone needs to go to part time"

  • To support consistent, rich conversations for Teams updates and reviews of the tool can be done weekly or monthly, depending on agreed cadence.

  • For new Managers, we suggest setting it up for their onboarding and using it in the first few 1-1s with the team members.

  • For team members wanting to work differently - more flexibly, part-time, remote, or to stretch to the next role for instance you could prepare a draft Team design that focuses on your role and suggested changes and share it with your Manager. This could be on an ad hoc basis.

  • For capacity planning, use it when and as priorities shift, new projects start or when workloads are too high.

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