Adding a member's salary

To add a member’s salary, you must have Budget permission or be an Account Owner.

  • Navigate to Organisation settings in the left hand navigation and then to the 'People' tab.

  • Locate the member that you would like to update and select their name.

  • In their profile, update the Salary field with their Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Salary, regardless of whether they work full time or part time.

  • If a member has been assigned to a role in a team, the member’s salary will automatically appear in the role on the team page.

Please note: A member’s salary will be adjusted when they are added to the role based on the Role FTE. For example, if someone’s salary is $60,000, and they are employed 0.6 FTE, then you will edit their salary to $60,000 and adjust their role in the team to reflect 0.6 FTE.

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