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What if the workload for the whole team has spiked?
What if the workload for the whole team has spiked?

Using Beamible to manage workload

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

We understand that when your team's workload spikes - and you feel like you need to do more when you're already at capacity - it can be extremely stressful!

You may find it useful to use Beamible as a team to help have conversations on the work that needs to be prioritised.

All team members should enter their own role details, including their core work activity bundles, total hours (i.e. across a working week), and tag each activity into Beamible.

Ensure team members:

  • Tag activities (i.e. thinking about whether an activity is energising vs. de-energising).

  • Prioritise (i.e. what activities are a key focus of the team vs. not)

  • Book in a time as a team to discuss the activities that can be delayed, reassigned or stopped altogether.

    • Use the insights from the tagging to discuss priorities.

TIP! For this process to be as useful and effective as possible, team members need to be honest about their time and where it is spent. If their average working week is 50 hours or more, make sure they indicate that!

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