That is an interesting question. They happen to be completely different functions within the Beamible platform.

Inviting team members to collaborate on team designs

  • To invite team members to your organisation, go to the left hand side blue navigation bar and click on 'Organisation account'.

  • Click 'Invites' (top of page, next to your initials avatar), and then the blue tab on the right hand side, 'Invite people'

  • Add your team members email addresses, and click ‘Send Invite’.

    • You can send multiple invites at once by clicking the ‘+’ at the end of the email text box. Here you add as many people that you’d like to invite to the organisation account until you are finished. Then click ‘Send Invites’.

  • Team members will receive an email invitation containing a registration link. They will be required to click the link and sign up to Beamible to gain access and join your team.

Note: the invitation link will expire within 7 days so we recommend getting the team to register as soon as they receive the invitation. But, don’t worry if they don’t register as you can resend an invitation at a later point.

Sharing team designs with those outside your immediate team

The 'share' function was made for those who might want to ‘share’ a design with someone outside the team, like People & Culture colleagues, another stakeholder or leader, for instance.

You also might like to ‘share’ if you’re looking to re-design your role or a team and have taken a duplicate to privately work on this - you can share it with your team leader / team member or People & Culture partner by sending them the share link.

You can share your team design using the following steps:

  1. When in your team design, once saved, click on the 'share' button in the top right white banner.

  2. Then turn the toggle to 'Enable sharing on this team'.

  3. Then click 'copy link'.

  4. Add the link to the email or communications method you've chosen.

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