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How do I go about communicating with my team to set us up for success?
How do I go about communicating with my team to set us up for success?

Communication template for Beamible roll out

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

We absolutely agree that it's really important to introduce Beamible as the empowering, collaborative tool it is, to help the team focus on the right priorities.

Please find Email template below for you to tailor for your team, we hope it’s helpful!


We are really excited to be using the new work design platform, Beamible! It has been designed to support the more flexible way we're all working, as a tool for us as a team, and you as individuals.

It gives us a way to design the work we're doing collaboratively, to ensure we're making the best use of our work time in terms of priorities, and to set goals for how we'd like our roles to look in the future.

It is not a time-management tool, but rather supports us to collaborate and plan our work, and let's use it in our 1-1s to align on priorities.

Here's what to expect:

You'll receive an email asking you to join the team - just sign up and follow the prompts.

Our team is the [insert team name here]. Click into the hyperlink team title.

Use the right-hand Editing Panel to either:

1. Start populating your role with core bundles of work (using the + Add new activity' button; or

2. Add your role to the Team Details by clicking the '+ Add new role' button.

  • A good start will be entering the major bundles of work you do in your role, and approximate time you spend on them - this is to help us all consciously spend more time on the highest value work (10 mins max!).

Let's both use the tool in our next 1-1 to align on priorities and check out the tagging... I'm looking forward to it!

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