'Tags' are the beating heart of Beamible - they help categorise and create visibility, data and insights for work allocation, key themes and behaviours for a role, team and organisation.

They can provide some useful insights for yourself, and your team, into what work you are all doing, what activities you enjoy (i.e. energising vs. de-energising) and the type of work you are all collaborating on.

Customised tags also serve as a reminder of the key organisational or strategic objectives that you're working towards to ensure the team is focusing on the right priorities for the business.

We recommend focusing your tags on the core insights you'd like to track and deleting/replacing those that aren't relevant or don't provide the data you need to support decision making.

How to add the tags to your work activities:

  • Within your role at the left corner of the individual activity, click on the edit pencil icon.

  • Here, click ‘Edit Tags’ and a list of general tags will come up.

  • Click as many of the tags that apply to your activity!

How to add in customised tags:

If you have Administrator permissions you can add a custom tag (& it’s super easy!)

  • Go to your ‘Organisation account’ (at the blue left hand navigation bar) > under ‘Tags’ tab (next to the ‘People’ and ‘Invites’ tabs at the top of the page) then click ‘Add Tag’ at the bottom of the list.

Some custom tags we’ve seen come about multiple times include:

  • strategic priority/objectives tag;

  • professional development/L&D tag;

  • reactive (shared) vs. planned (can split out) work

  • tags based on specific deliverables (i.e. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)

  • project type tags

These custom tags will then be added to your organisation’s full list so others in your team can also use them.

Deleting tags that aren't relevant to your organisation is also very simple:

  • Go to your ‘Organisation account’ (at the bottom of the blue left hand navigation bar) > Click the ‘Tags’ tab (next to the ‘People’ and ‘Invites’ tabs) and click 'REMOVE' found on the far right of each tag.

IMPORTANT: Please note that adding or deleting tags will affect your organisation’s full list. If you delete tags, this data will be wiped from everyone's roles.

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