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How do I add tags to my work activities?
How do I add tags to my work activities?

Adding tags to work activities

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

'Tags' are the beating heart of Beamible - they help categorise and create visibility, data and insights for work allocation, key themes and behaviours for a role, team and organisation.

Why are tags important?

They allow us to filter work data, to inform our decisions and help us see situations in a new way.

Tags provide some useful insights for yourself, and your team, into what work you are all doing, what activities you enjoy (eg. energising vs. de-energising) and the type of work we are all collaborating on.

How to add the tags to your work activities:

Once in your individual role, use the right-hand Editing Panel to:

  • Under 'Role activities' click 'Expand' this should include your list of approx 8-12 core activities.

  • Click into the Activity at the top of the list.

  • Under the Activity description and hours per week, click on 'Tags' and a drop down menu and a list of general tags will come up.

  • Click on as many tags that apply to your activity!

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