What is a 'tag'?

Defining a Tag

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'Tags' are the beating heart of Beamible - they help categorise and create visibility, data and insights for work allocation, key themes and behaviours for a role, team and organisation.

Why are tags important?

They allow us to filter work data, to inform our decisions and help us see situations in a new way.

Tags provide some useful insights for yourself, and your team, into what work you are all doing, what activities you enjoy (eg. energising vs. de-energising) and the type of work we are all collaborating on.

What are the different types of tags?

Within Beamible, there are two groups of tags - Beamible Tags and Custom Tags.

Beamible Tags are seven core activity tags that most teams/organisations use and feed into insights at an individual, team and organisational level.

They are:

  • Strategic Importance

  • Specialist Capability

  • Energising

  • De-energising

  • Internal Meetings

  • External Meetings

  • Administration

Custom Tags are those you have created specifically to track unique insights for your organisation. These can track insights at a role and team level, which Beamible tags cannot.

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