'Tags' are the beating heart of Beamible - they help categorise and create visibility, data and insights for work allocation, key themes and behaviours for a role, team and organisation.

They can provide some useful insights for yourself, and your team, into what work you are all doing, what activities you enjoy (i.e. energising vs. de-energising) and the type of work you are all collaborating on.

Default Tags

  • High importance

  • Low importance

  • Remote

  • In office

  • Deep thinking

  • Collaborative

  • Administrative

  • Meetings

  • Energising

  • De-energising

Custom Tags

Tags can also be customised to serve as a reminder of the key organisational objectives or strategic priorities that you're working towards.

Some custom tags that we've seen other clients find useful to get you thinking include:

  • tags based on key strategic priorities and objectives

  • professional development/L&D or R&D

  • reactive (shared) vs. planned (can split out) work

  • tags based on specific deliverables (i.e. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)

  • tags based on key projects

  • core/ non-core

  • client facing

We recommend focusing on the core insights you'd like to track and deleting/replacing tags that aren't relevant or don't provide the data you need to support decision making.

Learn how to customise your tags here.

Learn how to add tags here.

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