We're excited that you're using Beamible for your team's work design needs!

Best practice is taking some time to think about and prepare your Team Board before you invite team members onto the platform (approx time: 10-20 mins).

  • Create team/s (go to 'View Teams' then '+ create a team)

  • Map out the roles in the team (click '+ add role' and add roles eg. digital marketer, financial controller, analyst)

  • Create common naming conventions for similar bundles of work (list them as ‘activities’ down the left hand side of the first role - which you could name ‘core team activities’ (i.e. strategy, planning, internal meetings, external meetings, administration as examples)

This will give a strong foundation for your team to work with and mean that when individual team members register to Beamible, they can focus on:

  • adding activities

  • including the amount of time spent on each activity and

  • tagging the activities to provide insights

Note: you won't be able to assign the role to the team member until they've registered to use the platform.

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