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As a Manager, do I input data into my Team Board to set things up?
As a Manager, do I input data into my Team Board to set things up?

Setting up your team as a Manager

Written by Veronica Freeman
Updated over a week ago

We're excited that you're using Beamible for your team's work design needs!

Best practice is taking some time to think about and prepare your Team Board before you invite team members onto the platform (approx time: 10-20 mins).

When you first log onto Beamible you will see 6 key team templates that have been pre-populated with activities. If any of these teams correspond to the team you are setting up, you can use them as a base.

If you're creating a team that's not one of the templates, simply follow these steps to set up a completely new team:

  • Click on the Teams icon on the blue left hand navigation bar.

  • Click on '+ Create a Team' on the top right hand side.

  • This will take you through to the Untitled team page where you can add in the name of the team.

  • Map out the individual roles by clicking '+ Role', the grey button on the top left hand side. This will create a role card.

  • Create common naming conventions for similar bundles of work by clicking '+ Add' at the bottom on the role card. Examples include: strategy, planning, internal meetings, external meetings, administration.

Whether you use a team template or create a role from scratch, taking the time to create your own Team Board will give you a strong foundation for your team to work with. It will mean that when individual team members register to Beamible, they can focus on:

  • adding/editing/deleting activities

  • including the amount of time spent on each activity and

  • tagging the activities to provide insights

Note: you won't be able to assign the role to the team member until they've registered to use the platform.

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