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How do I assign a team member to a role?
How do I assign a team member to a role?

Assigning a role to a team member

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

If the team member has registered to Beamible or their data has been imported into the organisation's account, they can be assigned to a role in a team. Simply:

  • Go into your Team Board.

  • Click into the 'Unassigned' text box below the role title. Start typing the team person's name to find them OR select their name from the drop down menu.

If a role needs to be reassigned to someone else, simply:

  • Hover over the existing person's name and click on the cross to clear them.

  • Click back into the 'Unassigned' text box to locate the new team member you want to assign to the role.

TIP: By assigning a new team member to a role, their FTE (and salary if you have Budget permissions) will also become available in the role card.

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