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How can I use Beamible to make my work more sustainable?
How can I use Beamible to make my work more sustainable?

Using Beamible to make my work more sustainable

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

Burnout is real. And your health is incredibly important.

One of the reasons Beamible was developed was to give individuals (& their Managers) a tool to help manage workload/capacity.

So, how best to use Beamible to make your work more sustainable?

  1. Enter your own individual role design into Beamible. Make sure you do this in a private duplicate version, of course.

  2. Take a moment to tag your activities - using the high/low importance, admin, meetings and de/energising tags.

  3. Prioritise - drag and drop your activities to prioritise them from the highest value work you do, to the lowest. Also, think creatively about how you can reduce meetings by changing their length or frequency.

  4. Think - Is there anything you can stop doing, without impacting your individual or team’s objectives? Is there anything you can delay without impacting team outcomes?

  5. Now, how much work do you need to reduce where you think the amount of hours feel sustainable for you?

  6. Then, take a look across the team and look for opportunities to stop or delay other work - this is to take a proactive solution or suggestions to your team leader.

Use the tool to have a conversation with your Manager - take a solutions-oriented approach to how you can continue doing the most important work, while working more sustainably and remaining as engaged as you can.

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