Use the organisation design tool to scenario plan using these simple steps:

  • To view your current organisational design, click on the ‘Design’ icon near the top of the blue left-hand navigation bar.

  • Click the blue ‘Copy’ button in the top right hand corner of the page. This will create a draft of the current organisational design that you can rename accordingly, eg. Org Design view 2023.

  • Map out any changes/edits in your draft to help plan for the future. What will your next structure look like? Where will each team sit in the organisation? Where will the lines of reporting be?

  • If you want to collaborate with others regarding the organisational design view, click on the blue ‘Share’ button (next to the Copy button). You will have the option to:

    • Share it with those in your organisation who can view or edit it;

    • OR share it with someone outside your organisation (view only) by pressing the toggle ‘enable public sharing for this team’ and copying and pasting the link.

  • When you are happy with the proposed changes and ready to publish the organisation design view, click on the ‘Publish’ button in the top right hand corner. Your new organisational design view will then override the current copy and be able to be viewed by the whole team.

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