How do I filter by 'tags'?

Using Beamible to filter data by tags

Written by Gill
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We recommend that you use our team-based approach, and start filtering by Tags within individual teams.

Step 1: Navigate to your Team dashboard and click on the square ‘Filter Menu’ button (ie. grey funnel) found underneath the Team Headline stats.

Step 2: On the right-hand Filter Panel click inside the ‘Filter types’ box to select where you want to filter for Tags - at the team, role or activity level. You can select just one, or up to all three.

Step 3: Click inside the ‘Filter by tags’ box to select the Tags you want to locate.

  • For example, selecting ‘Energising’ will filter for all those teams, roles and/or activities that have been classified as energising using the tagging system.

    • The Team Headline stats will update to reflect the percentage of time spent on ‘energising’ work.

    • You can then compare between individuals within the team - any outliers? Or are there any stats that are red flags?

TIP! We recommend filtering 1 tag at a time, ie. just ‘energising’ work or just ‘remote’ work. If you filter for more than one, it will only bring up those teams, roles or activities that have been classified as BOTH energising and remote (exact matches), rather than either energising or remote. This might exclude some data that give you those crucial insights.

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