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How do I save a customised role template?
How do I save a customised role template?

Saving a customised role template in Beamible

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

While the Beamible team has added a range of default role templates for you to work off, there is a way to create a customised role template for roles that may come up time and time again, or are unique to your organisation.

Step 1: Click on the Teams icon on the blue left-hand Navigation Bar and then your individual team.

Step 2: On the right-hand Editing Panel, click ‘Add role’.

Step 3: Enter in the Role Details including Role title and start building out the relevant activities associated with the role.

Step 4: Once you have finalised all the activities within Role Details, you scroll down on the right-hand Editing Panel and, underneath the list of activities, click the ‘Save as Template’ button.

Step 5: Include a Role Title that is relevant and easily understood by other Beamible members, under ‘save the template as’.

Your customised role template will now be accessible within your Organisation’s Beamible Template Library, via the search functionality.

Navigating to the Beamible Template Library

Click on your Organisation Profile icon on the blue left-hand Navigation Bar and under the Templates tab you should be able to access all available templates.

Beyond the default templates within the system you can create custom templates. For more information on how to do this, click here.

Note: Only those with Administrator permissions can make changes (i.e. add custom templates or disable templates that are not relevant to your organisation).

Tip! We recommend saving the role template ahead of adding tags and FTE data so that this information isn’t brought across as a starting point.

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