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How do I create a private Team Design?
How do I create a private Team Design?

Creating a private Team Design in Beamible

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

Creating a draft Team Design

Step 1: Click on the Team Design icon on the blue left-hand Navigation Bar.

Step 2: Click on '+ Create a Team' on the top right hand side of the page.

  • This will take you through to the Untitled team page where you can add in the name of the team.

Step 3: Use the right-hand Editing Panel to map out individual roles by clicking '+ Add new role', and updating the role titles.

Step 4: Create common naming conventions for similar work activities by clicking '+ Add new activity'.

Step 5: Once the Team Design is set up with individual's data (i.e. total activities, total hours a week and tags attached to activities), click the blue 'Copy' button at the right-hand top of page, and name the draft appropriately to differentiate it (i.e. 'Marketing Team FY23')

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