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Should I just enter the maximum hours I do?
Should I just enter the maximum hours I do?

Direction on how to enter activities (& corresponding time in hours)

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

No. This is not a competition and no one is looking for you to work maximum hours just for the sake of it (that is so 1990s!).

When you think about total hours - it’s for a given week.

  • Recognising that every week is different, we’re looking at how much time you’d spend on those different activities on average across a week right now to establish a current state.

    • If your workload is currently busier than normal (e.g. a peak period) then record the number of hours you are currently working in this unusually busy period.

Your Manager is looking to support you in working sustainably, on the work you find engaging, and to support the whole team to be working most effectively to your goals.

  • The nature of the work you do, aligning on prioritising and having a rich conversation (about what work you head into the office for, for instance), are the important things to consider as part of this process.

Remember, leaders today are looking for productivity, not maximum hours. They will be looking to give new projects and stretch opportunities with those who have capacity to take on new things.

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