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Where do I start when entering my role-specific activities?
Where do I start when entering my role-specific activities?

Entering your role-specific activities

Written by Victoria Stuart
Updated over a week ago

You know best what's involved in your role so we suggest that individuals complete their own role cards.

Click on the Teams icon on the blue left hand navigation bar and select the team you're in.

If your role hasn't been added, click the grey '+ ROLE' tab on the top left hand side of the page. From here you can enter in your role title and the activities you do.

An 'activity' is a core bundle of work that you do in your day-to-day role. Some common core examples include:

  • Planning

  • Strategy

  • Client work

  • Internal meetings

  • Administration

TIP: Dig out a copy of your job description to help identify some of the key things you do. It may also help looking at the past few weeks of your calendar to see what you've blocked out time for.

Next steps:

  • Add in the approximate amount of time you spend on each activity per week.

  • Add in individual tags for each activity. For more information on tagging click here.

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