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Where do I start when looking for insights based on Beamible data?
Where do I start when looking for insights based on Beamible data?

How to use Beamible data to create insights

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

We recommend that you start by looking at insights using our team-based approach.

Step 1: Navigate to your individual Team dashboard and click on the square ‘Filter Menu’ button (ie. grey funnel) found underneath the Team’s Headline stats.

Step 2: On the right-hand Filter Panel click inside the ‘Filter types’ box to select where you want to filter for Tags or filter text - at the team, role, activity or people level.

  • You can select all four, or just one, depending on the insights you’re looking for.

Step 3: Click inside the ‘Filter by tags’ box to select the Tags you want to locate.

  • For example, selecting ‘Energising’ will filter for all those teams, roles and/or activities that have been classified as energising using the tagging system.

    • The Team Headline stats will update to reflect the percentage of time spent on ‘energising’ work.

    • You can then compare between individuals within the team - any outliers? Or are there any stats that are red flags (see below for more context)?

Red flags to look out for:

Some red flags to look out for include, individuals who:

  • seem to be doing long hours - i.e. they are at risk of burnout

  • appear highly de-energised by the work they are doing and have a higher proportion of work that they’ve classified this way - i.e. they are risk of leaving

  • have specialist capability that no one else in the team has - i.e. this is a risk of a skill gap should this person leave.

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