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What does it mean if someone is 'unregistered'?
What does it mean if someone is 'unregistered'?

'unregistered' profiles in Beamible

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

If someone is ‘unregistered’ it means that their data (first name, last name, email, salary and FTE) has been imported into Beamible, but they have not received an invitation to join the platform and they are not yet a Beamible member.

If you want to do team-based role design, we would recommend inviting everyone in your team so you can collaborate together.

To invite someone who is ‘unregistered’ simply:

Step 1: Click on your Organisation Profile icon on the blue left-hand Navigation Bar and locate the unregistered member you wish to invite under the People tab.

Step 2: Click on the 3 ellipses to the far right of their name and select Invite from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Confirm you wish to invite them and they will be sent an email asking them to register.

TIP! The email asking them to register will expire after 7 days. To resend it, simply go into the Invites tab and resend it.

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