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How do I add or delete a role in a team?
How do I add or delete a role in a team?

Adding or deleting a role

Written by Gill
Updated over a week ago

It's easy to add a new role into a team by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the Teams icon on the blue left-hand Navigation bar.

Step 2: Click on the hyperlink of the team you wish to add/delete roles from.

You can add a role by one of two ways:

  • On the right-hand Editing Panel, click on the blue '+ Add new role' button.

  • OR, click on the '+' square icon just below the Zoom functionality in the top right of the dashboard.

A new, untitled role will appear at the far right of the dashboard ready to start populating.

To delete a role:

  • Select the role you wish to delete and click on the red 'Archive' button on the bottom of the right-hand Editing Panel.

  • Confirm that you wish this role to be deleted.

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