Yes! In the same way you can filter for tags or search words within activities of your individual teams, you can filter for these in your organisation design view also.

  • Click on the ‘Design’ icon on the blue left-hand navigation bar to view your organisation design.

  • Type into the search box the ‘activity’ you’re looking for. The design view won’t change (unlike in Teams) but the stats across the top will. For example, if you type in ‘meetings’ it will indicate 6 key insights:

    • How many teams out of the total have meetings;

    • How many roles out of the total have meetings;

    • How many individual ‘activities’ are meetings;

    • The percentage of the entire organisation’s time spent in meetings;

    • The equivalent FTE that people spend in meetings;

    • The amount it costs the organisation per year for people to participate in meetings.

  • You can filter for ‘tags’ too by selecting those you wish to get information on, eg. ‘high important’ tasks.

NOTE: You can only filter for search words and tags at the activity level - it doesn’t cover role titles or names (but we are working on this!)

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