Fortunately, onboarding teams to Beamible is very quick and easy to do. Also, in the case of the P&C team, onboarding them will make their jobs a lot easier too!

People & Culture / HR teams are the hub of work design needs, role design and organisational design work.

  • They have their finger on the pulse and often are aware of key trigger points where it makes sense to use Beamible, including:

    • "People changes - people taking leave, resigns, promotions"

    • There is a "need to hire someone"

    • "People in my team are drowning"

    • "New project, client or initiative"

    • "Someone needs to go to part time"

In large organisations, it makes sense for P&C/HR to onboard first, to use it to make your own work quicker and easier, and also to use it as a business partnering tool.

  • If you’re onboarding your own team, pop it on to a P&C/HR team meeting agenda. Introduce the tool as an easy tool to use in all the scenarios which come up about whether teams can be working more effectively, flexible work requests (particularly in senior roles or where the answer is normally no!), org model scenario planning, etc.

  • HR Business Partners will be able to use it to support the business with flexible work requests, new manager and team member onboarding, changing priorities, re-org implementations, etc.

  • Talent acquisition will be able to use it to ask hiring managers to clarify the key responsibilities of a role and validate headcount requests.

    • They can also use it as a way to ask what flexible options you can advertise for the role? What would a part-time version of the role look like?

  • Diversity & Inclusion will be able to use it to analyse how many people are working flexibly, at what levels and types of roles.

  • Leadership will use it to analyse aggregate data predicting risks such as burnout through excessive work hours, where there is a lot of de-energising work, the cost of administrative tasks to the business, the cost of meetings, and so on - and where those hotspots of risk are.

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