Beamible can be used for many different reasons - to help grow a team is one of them! As the team can see the changes on the live Team Board, it may be necessary to create a draft that is private to the individual.

Here's how you create a private design (which is a copy of the team you duplicated)

To do this, click ‘Copy’ in the top right hand side of the Team Board .

  • This will create a draft Team Board (which is a direct copy of your current Team Board)

    • Only you will be able to see this Team Board, and it will be stored in your ‘My Drafts’ space, under ‘Teams’.

  • You will then be asked to choose a draft Team Board name, we’d suggest changing to a relevant title - for instance, ‘Sales Team FY22’ or ‘Sales Team - scenario 1’

    • Here, you’ll be able to start to make dynamic updates to your team, and start moving activities around the Team Board, or add new roles.

Here's how to share a private design

  • To share the Team Board, click ‘Share’ at the top right hand side and either:

    • Start typing the name of relevant team members who are Beamible users, and either click ‘Can View’ or ‘Can Edit’ depending on whether you want to collaborate on the team with others; or

    • Alternatively, ensure the toggle is blue for ‘Enable public sharing on this team’ then copy the link and send it to your colleague.

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