Some teams, and their working rhythm and capacity management, relies heavily on who is doing what when. Managers and team members may need to see capacity across the week.

If you need to capture which activities relate to days of the week we’d suggest using the tagging function. Note, to amend tags you must have Administrator Permissions.

1. First, go to your ‘Organisation account’ (at the bottom of the blue left hand navigation bar).

2. Click on the ‘Tags’ tab (next to the ‘People’ and ‘Invites’ tabs at the top of the page).

3. Then click ‘Add Tag’ at the bottom of the list and enter in your new or custom tag.

4. Here you can enter in ‘Monday’, ‘Tuesday’, ‘Wednesday’, ‘Thursday’, ‘Friday’.

TIP: If there is a task that is covered across more than one day, make sure you click all that apply.

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