It's very easy to create a new team from scratch if none of the pre-populated templates match your structure. Simply:

  • Select the 'Teams' icon on the blue left-hand Navigation Bar.

  • Click on the blue '+ Create Team' button on the top right hand side. You will automatically be taken to your new Team Design dashboard.

  • Add in your team name by clicking in the Untitled team text box at the top of the right-hand Editing Panel.

  • Assign a Team Lead and - if you want - a Team Objective.

  • Add a role by clicking the blue '+ Add New Role' button.

  • Add in the Role Title and, if they are a registered user or their data has been imported, assign someone to the role by clicking the '+ Assign role' button.

  • Continue to add in individual roles until your team is complete. This will be reflected in your Team Design dashboard

  • Lastly (and ideally!) pre-populate each role card with some common activity bundles. Click on the blue '+ Add new activity' button in the right-hand Editing Panel. These activities can be taken from their job description or from the key team templates. Ultimately, they will be edited over by the person actually doing the role, but it gives them a base to start from.

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