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Once in Beamible, navigate to your team so that you can start populating your role within the Team Design.

Step 1: Locate your role in the dashboard and click on it to edit it.

  • If it's not there, you can click '+ Add new role' and enter your Role title.

Step 2: In the right-hand Editing Panel, click on the ‘+ Add new activity’ button to enter in the major bundles of work you do in your role. Approach this by thinking about what an average week looks like and entering activities relating to this, aiming for between 8-12 activity bundles.

Step 3: Use the Editing Panel to enter in the approximate time you spend on each activity across an average week.

Step 4: Use the Editing Panel to 'tag' each activity with tags that are relevant to it. These help give better insight into the nature of your work activities. You can choose as many or as few tags as are relevant to the activity.

A few tips!

  • When you think about total hours - it’s for a given week. Recognising that every week is different, we’re looking at how much time you’d spend on those different activities on average across a week right now to establish a current state.

  • We are looking for your best estimate only – the entire task should take roughly 10 minutes of your time.

  • The hours do not need to add up to 40 for a full-time role or 32 for a 0.8 role. If you're working more hours, please include this.

  • Your work will be automatically saved and you can navigate back to the full list of activities you have entered by clicking on the back arrow next to role details.

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