Creating your Team

Creating your Team in Beamible

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On your Home dashboard click on either:

  • the 'View Team’ button at the top right; or

  • the ‘Teams’ button on the blue left-hand Navigation Bar.

If you can see your team, click the hyperlink of your Team Name. This will take you to your Team Design.

  • If you can’t see your team already created:

    • When in Teams Dashboard, click on the blue '+ Create a team' button on the top right-hand side; OR

    • When in the Org Design, click on the ‘Add New Team’ blue button on the right-hand Editing Panel you will find this button at the bottom of the list of existing teams.

Once in the Team Design

Go to the right-hand Editing Panel:

Step 1: Enter your team name in the text box at the top.

Step 2: Assign a Team Lead.

Step 3: Add a Team objective (NB: this can be added later).

Step 4: Add a new roles by clicking ‘+ Add new role’ and entering in the Role title.

  • You can assign team members to roles by clicking on the '+ Assign role' tab.

    • You can start typing their name to find them easily. They can also add themselves. Note: you can only invite those whose people data is already in the system.

  • By clicking the ‘+ Add new activity’ button, you can start adding relevant activities to the role; however, we suggest this is best done by the individual team members themselves.

    • For each activity, enter the total number of hours (on average) you spend doing it across the week and also add also in tags.

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